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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my problem is a legal problem?

You might not know whether your problem is a legal problem, and that’s okay. By becoming a subscriber at Subscription Attorney LLC, you can talk with an attorney to discuss whether your problem is a legal problem for the starting price of $19.99/month.

Do I need a lawyer?

Like with some plumbing problems, you might be able to tighten a leaking faucet on your own, but when there’s a burst pipe, you better call a plumber! The Entry Level subscription at $19.99/month means getting in touch with an attorney makes sense for the leaking faucet equivalent of a legal issue. Attorneys will make more money if you wait to contact one after the legal pipe bursts. Subscription Attorney LLC can help you avoid those situations.

What if I need more than verbal legal advice?

Entry Level subscribers get access to limited flat fee legal services and Premier Level subscribers get access to all available flat fee legal services. Freelancers and Business Counsel subscribers get some of those flat fee legal services bundled with their subscription level at a discounted price. All subscribers get access to the growing Knowledge Base of generalized answers to legal questions received from clients over time.

If my legal needs increase, can I upgrade my subscription level?

You can change your subscription level at any time. If you are an Entry Level subscriber and you need to become a Premier Level subscriber, then you will be charged the difference in subscription price when you upgrade, and your subsequent monthly charges will also increase.

Why should I stay subscribed for more than one month?

Few legal problems can be fully addressed in one conversation and in one month. Depending on the supply and demand of legal services and client needs, Subscription Attorney LLC may on occasion raise subscription plan prices. Subscribers will be notified of a future opportunity to lock in your subscription plan price for up to a year.

Can I subscribe if I live outside of Illinois?

At this time, Subscription Attorney LLC is not giving legal advice to people or businesses who have legal issues in a jurisdiction outside of Illinois. If you live outside of Illinois and are transacting business in Illinois, then you can still subscribe. Subscription Attorney LLC will expand its reach once there is enough demand in other jurisdictions.

Can Subscription Attorney LLC handle any of my legal problems?

Subscription Attorney LLC can handle many of your legal needs but may occasionally refer you to an attorney outside of this firm if your legal problem may be better addressed by another law firm. Subscription Attorney LLC does not currently represent clients in litigation or the following practice areas: criminal, bankruptcy, securities, tax, family, privacy, and patents. The Illinois Supreme Court does not recognize certifications of specialties in the practice of law.

What is a conflicts check?

Before Subscription Attorney LLC can represent you, it needs to run a conflicts check. This is an ethical requirement to check the list of current and past clients to make sure there is no conflict with giving you legal advice. If you pass the conflicts check, and if you are a resident of, or are transacting business in Illinois, then Subscription Attorney LLC can offer you legal advice.

Are there refunds?

In order to offer access to legal advice at affordable rates, it is cost prohibitive to offer refunds after an attorney-client relationship is formed. All subscribers receive immediate value upon paying for a subscription level. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Refunds are only provided to prospective clients who don’t pass a conflicts check and a payment is processed before that determination is made. In most situations where a prospective client fails a conflicts check, pending charges should be reversed before being fully processed.

Can we meet before I hire you?

Many attorneys will offer a free initial consultation followed by an expensive billable hour or leave you with only ⅓ of your settlement or judgment amount after fees and liens. Other attorneys charge several hundred dollars for an initial consultation. To test the waters with Subscription Attorney LLC, subscribe for only $19.99/month.

Can Subscription Attorney LLC handle all of my business needs as my Business Counsel?

Businesses have different needs, the practice of law has grown more specialized over the years, and attorney licensure is limited to specific jurisdictions. Subscription Attorney LLC has designed a model for businesses who have no need for, or do not want to hire, an in-house attorney. That includes managing other outside counsel who practice in a different jurisdiction or in a specialized area of law, such as patents. Just as a full-time in-house attorney occasionally needs to hire outside counsel, that may also be needed from time to time for Business Counsel subscribers. Instead of you having to manage these relationships and run your business, Subscription Attorney LLC can become your trusted advisor who will learn your business and manage outside counsel on your behalf in addition to providing monthly and more routine legal advice and services that are part of your subscription level.

Why are Zoom/phone calls emphasized in the subscription plans?

Talking over Zoom or the phone can be a more effective way to preserve attorney-client privilege compared to email or text messages. Emails and text messages are often unencrypted, and accidental exposure of them to someone outside of the attorney-client relationship could mean waiving that very important privilege. That’s why a response to your written communication to Subscription Attorney LLC will request that you schedule a Zoom/phone call to discuss your issues in more detail, and at that time or in a follow up communication, provide the appropriate legal advice.

Why use the subscription and flat fee models for legal services?

Imagine going to the local coffee shop and ordering a craft beverage. Instead of charging you after you've placed your order, you're only charged after the barista has made your drink and handed it to you. Sometimes that drink is $5 and sometimes it's $10. The cost depends on how long it took for the barista to make your drink. Less efficient baristas and inefficient processes make the coffee shop more money. Would you patronize that coffee shop? Attorneys who bill by the hour might think that you would. Just like knowing the cost to buy a caramel macchiato at the time of purchase, legal services should have a knowable price.

Engagement Agreement and Terms of Service
This Engagement Agreement and Terms of Service govern the terms of your subscription and are incorporated into all services offered by Subscription Attorney LLC and into any service Subscription Attorney LLC provides. By using, signing up for a subscription level, and engaging Subscription Attorney LLC, you agree, on your own behalf, and if applicable, on behalf of the entity you represent, to be bound by these and any other terms applicable to your subscription and optional flat fee services.
State Law
Subscription Attorney LLC is generally only permitted to assist in matters of Illinois law. If you and/or your business are operating entirely outside of Illinois, then you cannot engage Subscription Attorney LLC to provide legal services at this time.
Subscribing Entity
Generally subscriptions are meant for use by one person, freelancer, or business. Document drafting, review, and/or negotiation must relate to the person, freelancer, or business for whom a subscription is purchased. Additional people or businesses must sign up for their own subscription.
As part of a subscription, you can:
-Schedule calls or video chats to speak with an attorney for legal advice.
-Submit questions through the client portal.
-Access the Knowledge Base.
-Access some or all of the flat fee services listed in the Knowledge Base.
-Access bundled flat fee services, if any, as stated on
Scheduled Zoom Meetings or Calls
Zoom/calls may be scheduled using the Calendly link provided to each subscriber level once signed into the client portal. Available slots change based on other clients scheduling time and Subscription Attorney LLC’s general availability. Whether a matter requires additional work outside the scope of a subscription is a decision solely at Subscription Attorney LLC’s discretion.
Document Drafting and Review Requests
Document drafting and/or review requests will be processed in the order they are received. Typical though not guaranteed time to draft and/or review the document is two business days per 10 pages of documents submitted, accounting for weekends and holidays. Subscription Attorney LLC may decline to draft and/or review documents if you submit them in excess volume or if Subscription Attorney LLC believes you are submitting documents for review in a volume or manner that is not commercially reasonable. You may only request document drafts and/or submit documents for review that are for your own use.
Litigation & Practice Areas
Subscription Attorney LLC does not and will not represent you in litigation. Subscription Attorney LLC does not file law suits or defend against law suits before a court or any other tribunal. Subscription Attorney LLC only offers litigation consulting if you decide to represent yourself in court Pro Se. If you don’t decide to represent yourself Pro Se in litigation, then you will be referred to law firms and/or attorneys who can represent you in litigation. Subscription Attorney LLC makes no representations or warranties regarding the quality of the work and fees of these referral law firms and attorneys.
Like most attorneys and law firms, Subscription Attorney LLC does not practice in every area of law, and services offered under a subscription are limited to Subscription Attorney LLC’s practice areas. For instance, if a subscriber calls regarding a matter of criminal law, Subscription Attorney LLC will not be able to offer advice on that subject and may provide a referral to another attorney. Subscription Attorney LLC makes no representations or warranties regarding the quality of the work and fees of these referral law firms and attorneys.Conflicts of Interest
Rules of professional conduct for attorneys prevent representation in some cases where a conflict of interest exists. Subscription Attorney LLC may decline your subscription service if it determines there is a conflict of interest. Though your fee, if already paid, is considered earned prior to the discovery of the conflict of interest (including as a fee for the administrative cost of performing the conflict check), if Subscription Attorney LLC discovers a conflict of interest that prevents your engagement with Subscription Attorney LLC, fees for monthly subscriptions shall be returned for the month in which the conflict was discovered.
Payment By Credit Card
If you are paying any amount to Subscription Attorney LLC by credit card, debit card, or other electronic payment method, you authorize Subscription Attorney LLC to charge your payment method for the indicated amount. If any service is charged on a recurring or automatic basis, you agree to allow Subscription Attorney LLC to automatically charge your account on file.
Monthly Payment
You understand that subscription services are recurring and agree to allow Subscription Attorney LLC to charge your card at renewal. Cancellations will take effect in the next billing cycle.
Non-Refundable Payment
You agree and understand that the monthly subscription fee paid for your subscription is a non-refundable payment that meets the requirements of Illinois law and Illinois’ Rules of Professional Conduct as provided under Subscription Attorney LLC’s Engagement Agreement and Terms of Service. You agree that this is a clear, unambiguous agreement for a non-refundable payment. You understand that if you do not agree to these payment terms you should not sign up for a subscription.
Except as otherwise provided, fees paid to Subscription Attorney LLC are considered a non-refundable payment that is earned upon receipt as a minimum amount required to provide your subscription and access to flat fee services and the Knowledge Base. You agree that this is a clear and unambiguous term regarding the status of payments made to Subscription Attorney LLC. You also agree that, while refunds are not required under this term, the mere fact that Subscription Attorney LLC offers a refund does not change the earned upon receipt status of any amount paid to Subscription Attorney LLC and that such amounts are refunds of earned fees and not a return of unearned fees. This includes amounts that are paid to Subscription Attorney LLC as part of a fee payable to a third-party, and such fees shall be considered an expense suffered by Subscription Attorney LLC in providing the service.Right To Disengage
Subscription Attorney LLC reserves the right to terminate our engagement if required by the rules of professional conduct, if you provide false information, or if Subscription Attorney LLC believes it cannot work with you for any reason. Refunds on services terminated by Subscription Attorney LLC are at Subscription Attorney LLC’s discretion. Subscription Attorney LLC will notify you if there is a problem processing your automatic payment. Failure to update your payment method, if needed, may result in a cancellation of your subscription and disengagement.
You may terminate services at any time, but payments already made will not be refunded. If you cancel your subscription on the date of payment after a payment was already processed, then you will not be refunded; however, you will have access to all subscription services until the next payment date upon which you will not be charged.Subscription Fee Increases
Subscription Attorney LLC may increase its subscription fees or other flat fee services over time. You will be notified in advance before any fee increases take place. You will not need to take any action if you agree to the fee increase, which will take place automatically, and in that instance you agree to be responsible and charged for paying any increased fees. You can cancel your subscription prior to the date you are billed for the increased fee if you don’t agree with it.
Subscription Attorney LLC may amend these terms at any time with or without notice. By continuing to use subscription benefits, you agree to the terms as they may be updated. Changes to terms impacting existing subscriptions will be binding on those services upon the new terms’ effective date provided notice was given to the subscriber at least 30 days in advance of the changes’ effective date. If 30 days notice is not given, the changes will become effective on the date of the subscriber’s next renewal after 30 days from the date notice was given.
Incorporation of Other Terms of Service and Conflicting Terms
Except as explicitly provided in writing, (1) all other terms of service included in this website or offered for other services provided by Subscription Attorney LLC incorporate this Engagement Agreement and Terms of Service, and (2) where there is a conflict between this Engagement Agreement and Terms of Service and any other terms of service or agreement entered into between you and Subscription Attorney LLC, this Engagement Agreement and Terms of Service shall control.
Notice to you is effective if sent through the client portal or by email to the email address used to login to Subscription Attorney LLC’s client portal. You are responsible for keeping your email of record up to date and for maintaining your portal login information.
Attorney-Client Relationship
No attorney-client relationship is formed through the use of this website unless this Engagement Agreement and Terms of Service is accepted, payment is made, and you pass a conflicts check. All communications exchanged and documents shared through the client portal are confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege. You have an obligation to ensure only you have access to the client portal using your login in order to preserve attorney-client privilege.
Effective Date
Effective on 03/16/2022.